About us

Open since May 16th 2015 in Sintra, one of the most beautiful and rare places that nature created, no doubt one of Portugal’s paradises. The romans called it Mons Lunae, moon mountain.                                                                                                                                               Sintra is visited every season of the year by many tourists attracted by its natural beauties, monuments and history and at the same time enjoy the different beaches around and of course…Fun4You.


The club has different enviorenements and capacity to receive confortably 150 couples in one night only.
- Indoor parking for more than 100 cars for your confort and safety.
- Buffet lounge where you can have dinner with your friends and meet new friends.
- Locker room where you can change clothes and keep them safe.
- 8 private areas (one of them with gloryhole).
- Labyrinth and dark corridoor.
- Dancing floor.
- Loung (chillout)
- 2 bars
- 5 restrooms
- 2 emergency exits
- Swiming pool, barbecue area and bar.
- Specialized staff to offer the best hospitality.
Hostess: Our hostesses receive the couples and if it is their first time at the club, they will take you for a tour and make sure you feel at home.
Reception: After going in, admission conditions will be presented, couple registration will be done, card consumption and key locker will be given.
Cleanliness; All the club areas are checked and cleaned all night long.
Bar: Special attention to all the clients. All the served drinks have superior quality.


The club is opened on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Eve holidays from 11 pm until 5 am.
Saturdays we are open only for couples from 9 pm to 5 am
On Saturdays we have to your disposal our fine buffet where you can quietly eat and meet new couples.
For the minimum of 5 couples we can arrange the buffet on Fridays and Eve holidays.
Who can attend Fun4You?
Swinger couples.
What should we wear to go to a swing club?
Women: dresses – skirts – corsets – Lingerie – Transparencies – Latex - Sexy clothes.
Men: Trousers – Shirts – Underwear.
It’s not recommended the use of tennis shoes or women wearing trousers.
Remember we are at a swing club.
In parties with thems there is a REQUIRED dresscode. Please check our website.
Cash. Electronic payment is not available.
You are not obligated to make a reservation but you will benefit of a discount if you reserve 24h before visiting the club.
You can make your reservation through the following numbers: +351 963 331 932 or +351 963 331 771.
Condoms,baby wipes  and water are available free of charge.