Why should you choose Fun4You?

Many of the swingers couples from the Lisbon área choose Fun4You because of its structure, attendance, credibility, discretiong regarding its location and private parking with closed gates. Fun4You maintains a the tradition of a swing club and not a liberal disco, which is not what a real swinger is looking for.

Who visit the clube - Fun4You?

The public visiting the club is very varied going from young people to more experiments people.

What happens in a Swinger Club?

This is the place to realise all your fantasies and curiosities regarding swing, since the ambience is adquired. Not only swinging, but you can also see and participate in orgies, trios, exhibitionism, voyeurism, cuckold. Besides the more “intimist” part we also have the social part where you can dance and initiate conversation with other people.


It’s important that couples with curiosity in swing know that the athmosphere in a club is the best option to iniciate this lifestyle. The club is safe, discreet and there is no obligation to do anything that you do not feel like doing.
If this is the lifestyle that you desire, then you can take the next step in the proper athmosphere and turn the couples fantasies into realities.

The club has sex workers available to interact?

We have no sex workers.

The house has rooms where sex happens?

Yes. The house has rooms for like group sex, be the swing, the menage, orgies and gang bang or even a labyrinth where sometimes there is too much involvement between couples. It is one of the great attractions of the club.

Is there any place where we can be just the two and be seen by others?

Yes. We have some rooms with windows where people can just watch from the outside. If you want more privacy you can close with a curtain
Another type of well used cabin are the glory hole, which has holes in the wall in that room you may even be cherished through the holes.
However, the goal of the club is the interaction between couples. In the rooms with port is expressly prohibited the use of them for just a couple.

We were approached by another couple, but do not want to do anything. What to do?

Usually people who attend the middle know how the approaches are processed. So when you make a negative signal to the other party will understand.
If there is an insistence that gets to be an inconvenience act, you may talk to someone from the staff club.
If they are approached with a light touch, just take the person's hand. If it was verbally can say whites, who are beginners and who are only observing and aindam do not want to get involved.

We are beginners in Swing , when approached by a more experienced couple, it is advisable to do?

Do not forget that it is you who have to set your pace. If the couple please let things flow and do what you feel like you right now.

We are beginners and do not know how to approach another couple so that the swing happen?

There is no defined rules. It is very important to make that clear.
Usually what works for one couple to another is not always ideal , so common sense , observation and courage will have to be used.
a) You can interact on track, dancing next to a couple that has aroused the curiosity , a look, a smile, a conversation can be the start of something more.
b) in collective environments, you can get to watch what happens, it may possibly be approached by another couple with a conversation or a light touch.
If you do, demonstrate, participate, repay the caresses. If they like or have no interest in who approached you, a simple negative sign is sufficient.
c ) The Labyrinth or the Glory Hole are ideal for the more timid couples because it can get two in a room and provide or receive jokes through the holes, exchange caresses, oral sex that can start a something more.